Together, YouandMe, Est. 2010

/ Minnie Nelson

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 1

The air was still hot.

Summer had not left us

though Autumn had come down

to reign here beside her.

You picked me up--I remember searching

for your car in the parking lot.

That day, things changed.

There were new experiences--

the constant feelings of

today can’t be over yet


I’m not ready to leave you

that made me feel like everything leading up to


was only practice.

Home is a cold room
My numb hand
folded into yours
as we move along
sometimes slowly
Other times twisting and turning
so fast
That you can hear the shink of our blades.

We still have

those lively argumentsthat you say mirror

The one we had

That dayIn this library--

so many years ago

Home is a bed with a cat.
And our limbs
and our wordsand our hearts

Time hit us.

With every lashing

we grew together

and apart

and back together again.

You gave me t-shirts, comfort, baked goods, and bad advice.

I gave you books, confusion, a baking set, and mixed messages.

We wanted to be doctors marine biologists lawyers teachers professors writers editors

And now we want to be


Home is with you.
Wherever you areis where I want to be
(unless it’s one of those places that doesn’t exist--
like Wyoming)

One day we will stand there,
Together, YouandMe.
And agree to stay in that place forever.