Make it Make Sense

/ Paige Johnson (Writer), Allison Gable (Illustrator)

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 4

Make it make sense; become the craft. Wrench it
Up by its roots; shake ‘til meaning spills out.
Vomit insight on art—on all, commit.
Shove opinions down throats; smother their shout.

Frame photographers, shot in our image;
Deafen singers, tune their voice to our tracks;
Chisel sculptors into shapes of our casting;
Spray painters, our colors seal up their cracks.
Pick the arch up, the architect teeters;
Stifle directors, here’s plastic vision.
Write between lines of writers’ fevers,
Our artist’s eye bleeds tears of derision.

We decomposers make ouroboros;
we feed off art’s artists feeding off us.

A magazine collage set in the form of a snake that borders around the following poem.