too easily

/ Nika Shlopov

Poetry1 min reading time

perpendicular we lay
 vinyl hymns distracting me
and you in this falling light
 noon suits you so easily

this sunlight whose love rivals my own
 taunting me by touching you
effortlessly being accepted
 enveloping you
like i want to, i want to

they frolic on your hair
 the hair i messily dyed green
now covered up brown
 and golden from all their dancing
noon suits you so easily

i watch you like this
 unaware of all the great stories
they are writing about you
 and all the poems i cannot
but i want to, i want to

please don’t keep me like this
 a scribbling automaton
let me back into the concave
 shapes of your body
i have felt unfettered
 for far too long, too easily