List of UC Creative Magazines & Journals

The University of California system has dozens of magazines and journals highlighting the creative minds of their students. Yet none of the UC websites contain a collective listing of these magazines, so it is our duty as a student-led magazine to help students find their way to the creative voices across our UC system!

All initial descriptions have been pulled directly from their about pages.

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Last Updated: May 17, 2023

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UCSD Magazines & Journals

  • OTHER PEOPLE Literary Arts Magazine Est. 2019

    Other People is the first student-run literary arts magazine at UCSD. We wish to present the dynamic range of artistic capability inherent in UCSD students, to create an inclusive platform to share creative works, and to encourage literary and artistic exploration among all students. We seek to embrace our core principle of showcasing "O(the)r People," or celebrating at once our diversity, our individual uniqueness, our shared experiences, and our collective journey through this world.


    KALEIDOSCOPED is a MFA-run literary magazine especially interested in publishing literary and visual art that makes use of cross-genre, hybrid, experimental, unusual, or fragmented forms, and in turn allows us to imagine the world from its creator's unique position within it. We welcome works which contend with historical and ongoing racial and colonial violence in any of its forms.

  • TREND Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine Est. 2010

    TREND is a biannual student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine. We are a team of student artists, designers, writers, photographers, stylists and marketing managers. This magazine is the perfect place to be in for anyone with a creative mind and a love for fashion.

  • Alchemy: A Journal of Translation Est. 2012

    Alchemy is committed to publishing quality, contemporary translations of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction creative writing. By dedicating our journal to the publication of high quality translations by students and emerging translators, we aim to encourage a new generation of translators. We publish creative translations and adaptations, including homophonic, homolinguistic, and other poetic forms. It is our belief that translation can teach us new things about writing and about language itself.

  • Revellations Est. 1966

    Revellations is a Revelle-based student-run publication committed to fostering and improving individual’s writing capabilities in the genre of their choice. We provide a creative outlet for the Revelle community and encourage self-expression through all written mediums! Check us out at our Facebook page and send us a message if you're interested in joining!

  • Multi-Identity Art Collective Est. 2017

    Multi-Identity Art Collective (MIAC) is an intersectional art group geared toward no one in particular because we take just about everyone! We're just a big family of artists from different experience levels, majors, and backgrounds. It doesn't matter if this is the first time you've touched a pencil or if you've been doing art since you could hold one. We welcome all identities, skill levels, specialties, and majors to come make art with their fellow artists!

  • Antifragile Zine Est. 2020

    (Not affiliated with UCSD) Antifragile is an artist collective, media platform, and independent magazine created by and for youth artists. Our mission is to highlight and uplift marginalized and underrepresented voices and creatives of color so that they can tell the stories that often get pushed aside. We are a haven for youth artists, especially those who have felt unseen in mainstream media, to feel both safe, supported, and beautiful, as well as angry and loud and heard.


    Fashion Quarterly (FQ) is a premier student-run fashion publication active on Facebook. We collaborate with students and locals to produce semi-quarterly publications each year. In addition to our semi-quarterly publications, we also actively release content throughout the year on our blog

UC Berkeley Magazines & Journals

  • Berkeley Fiction Review Est. 1981

    The Berkeley Fiction Review is a UC Berkeley undergraduate, student-run publication. We look for innovative short fiction that plays with form and content, as well as traditionally constructed stories with fresh voices and original ideas. We invite submissions of previously unpublished short stories year-round and publish annually.

  • Berkeley Poetry Review Est. 1974

    The Berkeley Poetry Review has featured the work of both new and established poets and writers, including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Yusef Komunyakaa, Brenda Hillman, Czesław Miłosz, Cole Swensen, Robert Hass, Ishmael Reed, Thom Gunn, and many others from the Bay Area poetry community. We seek language-based and/or experimental writing, translations, art, and (less frequently) essays and interviews, and are particularly interested in work that complicates prevailing conceptions of race, gender, sexuality, ecology, poetic form, and narrative voice. We release our MIDTERM chapbook each December, and our annual issue the following May.

  • BARE Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle Magazine Est. 2007

    BARE Magazine is UC Berkeley's premier arts, fashion, and lifestyle publication. Since its debut in 2007, BARE has gained prominence on campus, and has also garnered national recognition in publications such as the New York Times and Teen Vogue. An entirely student-run publication, BARE publishes a print publication every semester.

    BARE allows students the opportunity to collaboratively explore their interests in a range of fields including journalism, photography, styling, design, modeling, and marketing. BARE celebrates and engages with the diversity of Berkeley and the Bay Area, aiming to foster a community of creatively driven individuals.

  • UC Berkeley Comparitive Literature Undergraduate Journal Est. 2011

    The UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal publishes premier undergraduate research in comparative texts and media, treating a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, theoretical literary discourse, international trends in literature, and comparisons of national literature.

  • Vagabond Multilingual Journal Est. 2002

    If a student is exploring the translation of a queer Cambodian novel into English, or if a student is expressing his cultural Chicano heritage through poetry, or if a student engages with film criticism to explore the representations of African American societies, these interdisciplinary but committed forms of writing are what Vagabond wants to highlight. Vagabond will publish multilingual creative, academic, and critical projects from translation, poetry, art criticism, and interviews with professors. We are dedicated to fostering diversity and unity through this magazine by giving a platform to students for them to share their voices and to embrace their cultural and linguistic legacies.

  • TRANSIT Journal Est. 2005

    TRANSIT [ISSN 1551-9627], originating from the Department of German at the University of California, Berkeley, is the first refereed, multidisciplinary online journal dedicated to the critical inquiry of travel, migration, and multiculturalism in the German-speaking world. TRANSIT invites critical work, in English or German, from all areas in which movement and transition are major forces, from translation to travelogues and other forms of cultural transfer.

UC Davis Magazines & Journals

  • open ceilings Est. 2019

    We at Mechanism Press are dedicated to the craft of writing and strive to foster an appreciation for literature in our community. Our goal is to empower unheard voices and provide UC Davis students, staff, faculty, and members of the community with an avenue for creative expression. We endeavor to capture a representative collection of our time, and preserve it in print, as we nurture opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in a publication bigger than the individual. By establishing this student-led press on campus, we overcome traditional barriers to publication to showcase a diversity of writers, while offering affiliates the opportunity to expand their academic portfolios. We aim to act as a mechanism by which a creator's work can be published and shared.

UCI Magazines & Journals

  • Faultline Journal Est. 1992

    First published in 1992 by founding editor Alyn Warren, Faultline is UC Irvine's Pushcart prize-winning journal. Housed in UC Irvine's Department of English and produced by the graduate students of the Programs in Writing, Faultline features the work of emerging and established writers from the U.S. and abroad. The journal publishes new poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations, and art in an annual spring issue.

  • LUCID Est. 2020

    Lucid is an annual journal of first generation student writing published through the English Department's Composition Program. Representing a unique collaboration between students and first-gen faculty, Lucid provides a platform for first-gen students to express their identities and experiences, offering an essential space for dialogue about what it means to be part of a university. Lucid is building an embodied community doing the work of education.

  • Neon Anteater Renaissance Est. 2010

    NAR is the Creative Works Journal published by the Campuswide Honors Collegium at the University of California, Irvine. We provide quarterly compilations of CHC students' creative submissions, which range from poems and short stories, to photographs and computer graphics.

  • New Forum Est. 1998

    The New Forum works to create a vibrant, inviting space for UCI's undergraduate writers. We invite writers of all backgrounds to share their work with us. This journal publishes a quarterly journal. We accept student-written poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and artwork. Our events throughout the quarter include a launch party for the newest issue, open mic nights, and poetry readings.

UCLA Magazines & Journals

  • Aleph Est. 2005

    Aleph (pronounced “ah-lef”) is UCLA's only official journal that publishes undergraduate research in the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. Run by undergraduates, Aleph publishes select submissions online and in print with the support of our sponsor, the UCLA Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

  • Envelope: Art & Writing Magazine Est. 2019

    Envelope is an Art & Writing Magazine featuring creative work from UCLA's International Student, Scholar, and Staff community. When you open Envelope, you find poems, creative fiction, opinion pieces, digital art, drawings, paintings, and photography. The hope for this magazine is that it provides a platform for international students, scholars, and staff, both at UCLA and UCLA Extension to share their unique perspectives with the extended campus community and beyond.

  • Westwind Journal of the Arts Est. 1957

    Westwind welcomes submissions from new and experienced writers and artists. We seek to cultivate and sustain networks between artists, writers, poets, and readers surpassing the bounds of UCLA's campus, in which we were founded.

    Reflective of our inclusion of a variety of different art forms, Westwind encourages work to abandon formulaic and traditional demands and expectations.

  • UCLA Radio Est. 1962

    While our primary focus is delivering original and diverse radio content, UCLA Radio members work on art, design, web development, marketing, photography, audio production, and more. Our station strives to promote a safe, inclusive music scene in LA and provide a community for innovative, motivated students from different majors and backgrounds to explore their creativity, build practical skills, and discover the LA music and art scene.

  • Al-Talib Est. 1990

    Al-Talib provides an independent perspective on issues important to Muslim communities. Targeting a college-age audience at UCLA, we seek to create an outlet for activism and creativity on and off campus, a platform for representation of all facets of the Muslim-American communities and a safe space for sensitive topics. We believe that this sort of dialogue, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times, is necessary in order for our community to appreciate and celebrate its diversity.

  • FEM Est. 1973

    FEM, UCLA's feminist newsmagazine since 1973, is dedicated to the empowerment of all people, the recognition of gender diversity, the dismantling of systems of oppression, and the application of intersectional feminist ideology for the liberation of all peoples. FEM operates within an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist framework. Our organization seeks to challenge oppression based on sexuality, gender, race, class, ability, religion, and other hegemonic power structures. We create a wide range of compassionate multimedia content that recenters narratives often rejected or ignored within mainstream media. Beyond journalism, FEM engages in actionable praxes by building coalitions with other campus and community members. As self-reflective feminists, we are committed to unlearning and relearning alongside our global audience as the socio-political landscape in which we are situated continues to transform.

  • Ha'Am Est. 1972

    Ha'Am has been the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA since 1972. We are a hybrid, online and print publication that aims to inform both the UCLA student body and the larger Los Angeles community of Jewish happenings and opinions on campus. Our team strives to uphold Jewish values and to instill within our ranks journalistic integrity of the highest order. Together, we engage and grapple with our tradition in the hopes of enriching our diverse experiences.

  • La Gente Est. 1971

    La Gente Newsmagazine, born from the Chicana/o movement, arose out of a need to represent the Latinx community and Latinx issues in UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area. We feature news and opinions that highlight our communities since 1971. We continue to provide the latest on art, culture, community, and university news and events relating to our communities.

  • Nommo Est. 1968

    Nommo helps Black students identify and clarify a vast array of attitudes and goals, and it is an invaluable step toward wider communication between Black students and the campus community and the community-at-large. The world that the news media offers to their Black audiences is almost totally white in both appearance and attitude, save for the moments where Black death enters as a spectacle. In response, Nommo seeks to give currency to the expression of Black power for Black people through the power of the written word. Nommo serves and elevates the voices and perspectives of the Afrikan Diaspora.

  • OutWrite Est. 1979

    OutWrite Newsmagazine strives to build a growing educational platform through a multi-media approach that uplifts and empowers the often silenced voices of the incredibly diverse queer community. We aim to challenge dominant cisheteronormative narratives through an unapologetically anti-queerphobic, anti-racist, and progressive lens.

  • Pacific Ties Est. 1977

    We are the oldest student-run Asian Pacific Islander Desi American newsmagazine in the nation. Publishing at UCLA since 1977, we showcase rich and diverse stories about the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community on and off campus through news and commentary.

    We create an on-going dialogue that offers insight into the dynamics of being an APIDA. Pacific Ties serves to challenge the perceptions of APIDA identity as well as to celebrate the achievements of the communities we all have ties to.

UC Merced Magazines & Journals

  • The Vernal Pool Est. 2014

    As the leading creative writing journal for UC Merced undergraduate students, The Vernal Pool provides an edited expressive space for the student body to publish original work and an open, accessible venue for audiences to read, appreciate, celebrate and respond.

UCR Magazines & Journals

  • Audeamus Multidisciplinary Honors Journal Est. 2007

    The Audeamus journal publishes works of all mediums — from research papers to artwork and photography to musical scores — basically anything reproducible on paper. Audeamus is produced by UCR University Honors students of all disciplines and majors; the students do everything from research and advertisement, to journal design and submissions. Flipping through the pages of any issue, you can find an organic chemistry research paper right next to a literary analysis, and just down the table of contents, you might find some photography or a biology paper

  • Mosaic Art & Literary Journal Est. 1959

    In 1959, Mosaic began as a small group of poets, and we're still going strong nearly 60 years later, having expanded into a home for all writers, musicians, and artists. We are completely undergraduate-run, and publish one volume of prose, poetry, and art every year. But that's not all—we also host a number of community outreach events (including our popular Open Mic Nights) in order to promote and nurture the Riverside art and literary scene.

  • Santa Ana River Review (MFA) Est. 2015

    The Santa Ana River Review is an online literary and arts journal dedicated to biannually publishing bold new works in visual art, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and drama. Led by the students of the Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts graduate program at UCR, we work to publish literature and art that reflect the diversity of our community in Southern California and beyond. We are especially interested in publishing work by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creatives

UCSB Magazines & Journals

  • Spectrum Literary Journal Est. 1957

    We are an annual journal of art and literature published by the University of California Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies, founded in 1957 by Marvin Mudrick. Our mission is to publish a spectrum of voices, genres, and topics in each issue that encompass a wide range of human experiences. We value high quality work that doesn't fit in anywhere else--strange, brilliant, or funny pieces that make us come back again and again.

    Spectrum has a storied history — in our sixty plus years, we've published works by people like William Carlos Williams and Raymond Carver. But we're always looking for up-and-coming writers and artists and love being the first place to publish new voices.

  • The Catalyst Contemporary Literary Arts Magazine Est. 1996

    The Catalyst is itself an art object. Each issue will be unique, with depth through juxtaposition, arrangement and composition to create an aesthetic suited to the particular piece within the issue. We envision an environment that enables undergrads to participate in contemporary discussion about all ranges of literature and art, which will in turn, enrich inspiration and enthusiasm for original student work.

UCSC Magazines & Journals

  • List of student media publications

  • Alay

    Alay, in Tagalog, translates to “dedication” or “offering”, is an aspect housed under Bayanihan Community (formerly known as the Filipino Student Association) at UC Santa Cruz.

    Alay’s main goal as an aspect is to publish and showcase student artwork, and serve as an outlet for self-expression within the Bayanihan space. The publication, referred to as the anthology, consists of both textual and visual works, submitted by the Pilipinx community and our allies, and produced during spring quarter through Student Media.

    Although Alay is affiliated with Bayanihan, we also welcome non-Pilipinx contributors in order to emphasize our message of diversity.

  • Chinquapin Est. 1978

    For the past 42 years, we have been run entirely by undergraduate students of the University of California Santa Cruz. Chinquapin is a space for students to learn about the ins and outs of publishing; both as submitters and editors. Our mission is to provide a high quality, inclusive platform for undergraduate art.

  • City on a Hill Press

    City on a Hill Press is produced by and for UCSC students. Our primary goal is to report and analyze issues affecting the student population and the Santa Cruz community. We also serve to watchdog the politics of the UC administration. While we endeavor to present multiple sides of a story, we realize our own outlooks influence the presentation of the news. The City on a Hill Press (CHP) collective is dedicated to covering underreported events, ideas and voices. Ideally, CHP’s pages will serve as an arena for debate, challenge, and ultimately, change.

  • EyeCandy Film Journal

    EyeCandy Film Journal is an annually published, student-run media studies collection. Our aim is to focus on culturally relevant and compelling topics that expand our relationships with film, television, and new media forms. We hope that our publication will motivate readers to engage with media in a more in-depth, critical, and complex fashion, and act as a platform for the UCSC community to consider new and thoughtful perspectives on visual culture.

  • Film Production Coalition

    The Film Production Coalition (FPC) is an organization dedicated to collaboratively making short films every quarter in small production groups, in a variety of genres. We don’t require any experience and are committed to teaching members all aspects of film production from start to finish.

    We also host a quarterly festival that is used to exhibit the work of FPC in addition to content produced by other Student Media organizations and independent filmmakers.

  • Fish Rap Live! Est. 1990

    Fishrap Live! is the premier satire publication at the University of California, Santa Cruz and 12 time winner of the Ms. Clam Chowder award for the worst tasting clam chowder in the entire United States.

  • Fruitcake Est. 2016

    Fruitcake is a comic art magazine dedicated to the expression of creativity and ideas through visual media, particularly in the comic format. At Fruitcake we strive to provide a space for student artists to share their stories, thoughts, narratives, and opinions through such comics, cartoons, sequential art, and graphic novellas. We champion a diversity of style and place an emphasis on the message of artists’ work, as opposed to their technical training or years of experience. Besides providing a place for students to get published, we also hope to inspire community members to try their hand at art and expressing themselves visually because we believe that storytelling is one of the strongest ways of forming human connection, as it allows us to empathize and understand one another better than any other form of communication.

  • Gaia Est. 2009

    Gaia Magazine is the student-run environmental magazine at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It aims to provide coverage of sustainability-related issues and initiatives on, or linked to, the UCSC campus, as well as the broader community, in order to further awareness and inspire constructive action. Gaia expresses and promotes the student vision of sustainability at UCSC and also strives to practice the sustainability it promotes by printing locally on recycled paper using soy-based ink and conserving resources via online expansion. Gaia welcomes submissions from UCSC students, publishing online content year round in addition to an annual print issue in the Spring.

  • Kalopsia Est. 2017

    Kalopsia is an undergraduate philosophy journal based in the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dedicated to the seeking of truth, beauty, and their potential disjunction, Kalopsia accepts visual art, poetry, and philosophical papers that demonstrate this pursuit. It is a space for UCSC undergraduates to display their scholarship, learn from their peers, and become a part of a shared academic experience. All topics of inquiry are welcome, and undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to submit their work.

  • KZSC

    KZSC is a noncommercial, educational, community radio station and student-run organization at UC Santa Cruz. At our core, we are curators, journalists, and advocates of inclusivity and the collaborative arts. We at KZSC share the goal of uplifting alternative and underrepresented voices in the media. This includes, but is not limited to: women; cultural, ethnic and racial minorities; people of all sexual orientations; gender identities; as well as seniors and those with disabilities.

  • Leviathan Jewish Journal

    Leviathan Jewish Journal is the Jewish publication at UC Santa Cruz. For almost 50 years, dating back to when UC Santa Cruz first opened, Leviathan Jewish Journal publishes articles, columns, news, recipes stories and artwork from students pertaining to the Jewish community and experience. Pick up a copy of our latest edition at the libraries and cafes around campus as well at select Synagogues and Jewish community centers throughout California.

  • Matchbox

    Matchbox Magazine is a UC-wide collaborative creative writing project. We publish prose, poetry, art, music and spoken word created by students throughout the UC system, and send about 50 copies of our magazine to the literature departments at each UC school.

  • On the Spot

    From writing and acting to producing and editing, On The Spot (OTS) does it all. OTS strives to provide quality entertainment programming, while offering students hands-on experience with television production. OTS is a student-run broadcast organization that produces numerous television shows including sketch-comedy shows, music videos, and psychological thrillers.

  • Red Wheelbarrow Anthology

    Red Wheelbarrow is an annually-published anthology. We showcase the creative and critical works of current students, promoting the talent and diversity of our community.

  • Scientific Slug Est. 2013

    The mission of Scientific Slug is to showcase scientific research and science education through journalism and creative works. We deeply value diversity, activism, and collaboration throughout the science community, by engaging with a diverse number of communities on campus. What sets Scientific Slug apart is that we are a student-run science magazine and aim to communicate science in a way that is accessible to an audience of scientists and non-scientists alike, in turn fostering an environment where scientific and artistic collaboration can flourish. We hope to provide the opportunity for our members to learn the technical processes of producing a magazine and to improve journalism skills.

  • SCTV

  • Shutterslug Photography Est. 2016

    Shutterslug is the official student-run photography organization at UCSC. Through meetings, events, photo-critiques, and collaboration, we welcome students of all skill levels and hope to foster a tight-knit community committed to advancing their craft. Members are encouraged to strengthen their leadership skills, develop their creativity, and gain exposure by having their work displayed on our media platforms and potentially published in a magazine – Lightleak – created by Shutterslug members.

  • Slugworks Animation Est. 2015

    Slugworks Animation is a club at UCSC where members make animated short films! We create all forms of animation in 2-D, 3-D, and stop motion. Our club is great for anyone interested in writing, storyboarding, animating, voice acting, editing, or composing music for our short films.

  • TWANAS Est. 1979

    TWANAS is dedicated to providing a media outlet for students of color to write about the issues that affect students of color. TWANAS facilitates an open inclusive space for individuals at UCSC who hold various identities across all intersections creatively expressing issues that affect all communities of color through journalistic and artistic mediums. TWANAS accomplishes this goal by producing a publication twice a year, hosting a website online and engaging in critical dialogue at member meetings.