a day at the beach & reprise

/ Nandika Mishra (Writer), Tammy Ding (Illustrator)

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 5

Digital painting of two hands with sand falling through them. Above them is a yellow and blue rendering of sunlight reflecting on water.

a day at the beach ⮟

scoop through the sands,
swing your hands up,
expecting to find shells,
a dream to hang up.

grains fall through,
they were never there,
rough palms remain,
only wear and tear.

the tide rushes in,
glazing over your mehnat,
you think you'll be rewarded?
mujko hasao mat.

gather up that gold,
try to build your castle,
blue seas dance outward, sneering
as your bow comes unraveled.

lie back, lie back
to make what's pale not so,
but on your skin, only roses bloom,
it was never going to work, you know.

now pack up your umbrella, it's time to go
as the sun sinks into the sea,
you tried, right honey?
at least, it seems that way to me.

but it serves just as well to renew.
it ain't sunlight, baby,
the barest light peeks through—
amidst charcoal shadows

that bathes everything, makes things moonlit,
it's faith, in a sense,
the shine speaks to it,
but, yet, however, even though

hearts and hands are bound.
now forever still, hold your turmoil, speak never
that timepiece that was smashed on the ground,
no ticking, merely its silent sound,

mujhe maaf karde.
they only form tears, anyway.
kya badi baat hai?
little bits of silver slivers,

like that's all you needed to reclaim?
talking about sanity is derogatory—
like your beloved video games.
turnabout your thinking,

find forgotten lexapro.
open your backpack,
a dewy pearl glows,
under obsidian nether

reprise ⮝