/ Katie Clemmer

Poetry1 min reading time

Quandaries are formed into truth.
(As we can, in this way, call belief the truth.)
Constructed one word at a time, extending each bordered container to define “fact.”

And these elements entrenched and buried within desperation morph into
dense, weighty, diffused hatred—
a label.

Betweens—Others—as we know them, are fear-ridden originators.
Societal terrorists, stinging and stinging the eyes of clocks,
a mechanical machine cycle of activators firing one by one, again and again.
The tick
Tickings of comprehension.

The Woman, who is a woman, not a man or an Other, and the Man, who is a man,
not a woman or an Other, and the Other, who is an Other, not a man or a woman.

Reds, Greens, and Yellows disdain for the Purples, Blues, Oranges define why
Rainbows are divided into categories and labeled separate entities fitting strict guidelines;
As variables are violence.

A dress, defined by the realities:
femininity incarnate, decorated and painted;a Christmas ornament.
Pants, defined by the realities:
masculinity incarnate, strong and dominant;abusively bottled explosives.
(but what about shorts? And their commitment to a half and half voice?)

The Others search the normative as lexicographers themselves for
validation, a seen existence.
It does not come. In words, in actions. Overridden in the eyes of the

The Others disappear.
But don’t disappear.
Hidden in the cracks of absolutes, waiting in motion.