Our Butterfly

/ Ruisi Shu

Poetry1 min reading time

Were it by chance when stars had cross’d unseen
Our paths now joined perchance made course a-part
We playwrights, though, set up our present scene
from impulse down and up to pair-link’d heart.
Spoke first time we when shared event had hapt
Had I stayed hour less, or you come in hour late
Had we spoke not of that which keeps us rapt
My appetite may’ve ne’er known your gift to sate.
No tears have I cried since meeting you
and all I’ve the need to give is my laughter
Our moments joint painted peerless hue
Born of friendship’s bosom all thereafter.
T’was our gossamer wings bringing us high
Praise our choices made as our butterfly.

With you your compass, me my trusty sailboat

A pair from birth, the day we set adrift

But we had a row and now here we take note

the scarlet wings of fear we feel inside ocean's rift.

You are the one who reads for us meant direction

I am the one who listens silent at shared helm

You accuse me, for fault of my failed navigation

As I respond, that instruction is your realm.

But you’d seen east and angry, said west

I had heard west but spiteful, turned east

We know but our choices keep us at rest

and we face not treasure but tragic beast.

If only we could blame this on a fate worst

But ‘twas our butterfly that left us curs’d.