You grew on me

/ Luke Carmichael Valmadrid (Writer), Allison Gable (Illustrator)

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 5

Grayscaled illustration of two hands with a variety of vines, greenery, flowers, and mushrooms growing from them. Their fingers are slightly intertwined.

Only when eyes were elsewhere, your hand held mine,
lushly conjuring wildflowers up my arm. Lithe roots,
learning an old dance to a new song, found purchase
in the fertile soil of a dark heart. We spoke to the petals,
too bright and feisty to prepare to fall. We told them stories
of lilacs, of strawberry moons, of a flying snake
that did not have to eat itself anymore. The flowers
flushed a jealous shade, twisting a möbius fortune as they told it:
we would not last the coming winter. The spring, for us,
could only be new life.