Yours Truly You

/ Addison Yelverton (Writer), Allison Gable (Illustrator)

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 5

A digital painting of an eye and eyebrow, cast in shades of green, blue, and yellow.

They been lookin’ for a sweet  They can sink into
They always lookin’ for soft realm They can
twirl undo caress
    one too many
    often much unwanted
won’t be tempering what They do
curse them
    go ‘head hon
pierce it
perform it through wounded view blast your fury up
blue deep set your heart to match the latest eyelid hue then knock
dictated reduction off you

walk away
swear your face be wearin’ final blush bruise
    better stake self-claim
shore up every might
fortify the sides
queue archers atop
your renewed lady limits
for the citadel will be shaken swarmed a Miss construed
in your curve shaped formation They
advancin’ to assert
to contort what’s true

so incinerate imposed solitude
reshape it into fuel
answerin’ Their question as to who’s runnin’ your rescue

‘til and past death,
    Yours Truly You.

A digital painting of an eye and eyebrow in shades of blue and rotated slightly to the right.