/ Finn Laubscher (Writer), Zhilin Li (Illustrator)

Poetry1 min reading time

No. 1

A monochromatic woman is suspended in the air. A bouquet of flowers replaces her brain. A fish is sliced intro three pieces.

There are two schools of

fish darting past my stinging eyes, tender in the salty ocean

thought on the topic of

fish, I had some nice fried cod the other day.

drowning. Some survivors

find shelter in a reef; others are less lucky as the shark circles above.

of this traumatic aquatic

fish are the only kind of fish

ordeal have cited their

are other fish in the sea!

experiences to be quite

fearful of fish is ichthyophobia

harrowing, as one would

waltz with a wrasse, two-step with a tadpole, cut a rug with a catfish!

imagine drowning to be.

He’s swimmin wit da fishes now, see?

However, there are those

who escape the net, and others who end up on the sushi table.

who report that for them,

fishliness is next to Godliness.

drowning was not painful,

in fact, several studies suggest that fish do not experience pain as we do;

but rather peaceful. In

fish we trust

fact, one drownee may


experience both of these

kinds of love for fish: fraternal, romantic. In this TED talk, I will outline

sensations, initially going

fishing; I’ll be back in a few hours!

into a panic but relaxing

their rear dorsal fins, the yellowtail fall into a synchronized dive/

after an acceptance of fate

or a loss of consciousness.